6 Summer Make-Up Tips

6 Summer Make-Up Tips

While summertime is all about minimal clothing, swimming, beach vacations, picnics, etc., it becomes very difficult to keep the make-up against smudging, smearing, and melting. Gluey lips, stained liners, and melting foundation can be a disaster. To deal with issues like these, here are 6 summer make-up tips that you should consider following.

Start with the Right Moisturizer
Just like our body, our skin can also dehydrate due to extreme summer heat. That’s why, it is highly recommended that you keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Beauty experts recommend using oil-free moisturizers in the summer season. Not only do such moisturizers help prevent acne situation, but they also ensure that your face stays less oily and greasy throughout the day.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen
In addition to moisturizing the skin, applying a good sunscreen is another very important skin care step. A good sunscreen will protect your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. So, never leave the home without applying sunscreen if you want your skin to stay radiant and firm. As a general rule, try to re-apply sunscreen every two hours. If it’s not possible, then you can use sunscreen powder for reapplication.

Wear Less Make-Up
During the summer season, our skin sweats a lot and applying too much make-up can clog the pores. That’s why you should use the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to make-up. This will prevent it from caking and creasing. In other words, only apply make-up when it is necessary. If possible, use only some concealer and a tinted moisturizer.

Play with Fun, Vibrant Colors
Summer is the best time to play with bright colors and experiment with your look. These fun, vibrant colors instantly brighten your face and make it glow during the day. From peachy blush to bold lip colors to bright eyeshadows, choose as per your mood.

Replace Shininess with Dewiness
A glowing skin is good but during the summer season, don’t go for an overly shiny skin. There is a fine line between shine and glow. So, skip products that have shimmery base. Otherwise they will make your skin shine in an odd manner. There is a trick to replace shininess with dewiness. You can eliminate the unnecessary shine from your face with blotting papers. Doing this will reduce the shine but keep the glow.

Try Waterproof Versions of Favorite Products
Swimming is a popular outdoor exercise that everyone loves to do in the summer season. If you want to enjoy swimming and other water sports without worrying about your make-up, then it is recommended that you only use waterproof versions of your favorite products. There are many high-quality long-wear make-up products available on the market nowadays.
These are some of the top summertime make-up tips that will keep you looking stunning despite the extreme heat. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water regularly to add glow to your skin while the temperatures are high.

Photos by: Edz Norton, Shiny Diamond, Gabb Tapique, Madison Inouye, Pinterest

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