Best Board Games of All Times

Best Board Games of All Times

The advancement of technology has led to a never-ending stream of entries into the entertainment and leisure market. While there is a wide variety of digital entertainment options available nowadays, classic board games still remain very popular. The reason behind it is simple: these old-fashioned games just never get boring. There is wide range of such games available.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world. Since its creation in 1935, it has been played by more than 1 billion people and over 250 million versions of it have been purchased. In this game, you basically practice real estate as you move around trying to buy as much property as possible. You then collect rent from your opponents and those who become bankrupt are out of the game.

For puzzle lovers and wordsmiths, scrabble has been popular since it was introduced in 1938. Accommodating 2-4 players, spelling words via tiles ends up being a highly competitive exercise. This popular game is available in over 30 languages and it is sold in 121 countries. In most of the world, except the United States and Canada, this game is trademarked by Mattel.

Risk is one of the best military-themed board game that you can play today. It was created in 1959 by a French film director. To play the game, you roll the dice in order to occupy 42 different territories in 6 continents. Strong negotiation skills and strategy are required to achieve victory. The player can hold as many territories as possible to secure the victory. Even though risk is arguably the most strategic and complicated classic board game, it’s popularity hasn’t declined over the years.

Jenga tests the laws of gravity as players try to remove blocks from a tower one-by-one without knocking it over. This tactile game is ideal for testing your touch. To play it, you need to delicately take out blocks from a tower and place them on top while making sure that the tower doesn’t become unstable. Make sure you have a steady table before you tackle this classic game.

This extremely popular family game is easy to learn and fun to play. It has a massive following around the globe and it is compact enough that you can take it basically anywhere with you. The goal in this game is to race against your opponents and rid yourself of your hand as you match cards on the deck by either number or color. There are various special cards as well that make the game even more interesting. These include Draw-2s, Reverses, Skips, and even color-changing.

Trivial Pursuit
In this game, players must answer questions from 6 different categories as they move around the board. These categories include sports and leisure, science and nature, art and literature, history, entertainment, and geography. When you arrive at the “category headquarters” space, you earn a colored wedge for all the questions that you have correctly answered. You win by collecting 6 different wedges. Even if you are not a big fan of trivial, you will have a fun time playing this classic board game.

It’s good to take a break from your digital life every now and then. While there are many great outdoor activities, in times like this when you are encouraged to stay indoors, board games are a perfect alternative.

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