Best Places to Visit in Europe in Winter

Best Places to Visit in Europe in Winter

Europe offers amazing travel experiences all year round. However, it is the winter season that is considered a magical time of the year for a European vacation. Switzerland, Italy, and France are ideal for skiing and various other winter sports, while the popular summer destinations offer a calmer, quieter, and more relaxed sightseeing experience in the colder months. In short, there is something for everyone during the winter season in Europe. If you are planning a trip, here are some recommendations:

See the Northern Lights in Iceland
Winter is arguably the best time to visit Iceland. Yes, the days are short, but that leaves more time to look for the stunning light show that nature has to offer: The Aurora Borealis! These northern lights can be fleeting, eruptive, dramatic, and enigmatic. Apart from this awesome spectacle, you will also find yourself soaking in natural hot pools, exploring black sand beaches, and gazing at immense glaciers.

Soak in Budapest’s Thermal Baths
The thermal baths of Budapest are very popular. The best soaking spots in the area have both indoor and outdoor bubbly baths. Glowing with lamplight and steamy, these world-renowned thermal baths get a dose of magic in the winter season. Whether you brave the outdoors or unwind in a steamy bath indoors, there is simply nothing better than soaking in these thermals baths in the middle of winter.

Ski at Borovets, Bulgaria
Bulgaria offers some of the best ski destinations in the world, and Borovets is its biggest and oldest ski resorts. Delicious local dishes, atmospheric pine forests of the Rila mountains, crystal clear mountainous air, and stunning scenery are only some of the reasons why a vacation in Borovets is always worthwhile. In the winter season, the lovely mountainous resort dresses up and turns into a winter wonderland and this is the best time to feel its true magnetism and charm.

Go Snowshoeing in Sarajevo
Sarajevo in Bosnia may not be a very well-known winter travel destination like others on the list, but it has everything you need for a memorable winter trip. The mountains surrounding Sarajevo are densely forested and offer sweeping views. With the snow, the area becomes a true winter wonderland. You can rent skis to slide down the slopes, go hiking, or sleep in one of the mountain chalets. The ski resorts of Jahorina and Bjeljasnica are within an hour from the city of Sarajevo and offer various seasonal activities, e.g. snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing.

There’s no question that summertime in Europe is amazing. However, it is the winter season that is considered the best for a European vacation. There are a lot of amazing places to visit in Europe during the cold winter months and all of them offer unique experiences. The above-listed are some of the top recommendations.

Photos by: S Migaj, Benjamin Suter, Linda Gerbec, Antonia Chekrakchieva, Nenad Radojcic

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