Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Everyday Products

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Everyday Products

How can we stop plastic pollution from harming our planet? It’s simple really: each of us, from corporate leaders and world leaders to individuals, needs to take immediate action to reduce how we utilize and dispose of plastic. This may seem like a big ask at first, considering that virtually everything nowadays is wrapped up in plastic from everyday household items to food and more. The good news is that more and more product manufacturers and brands are becoming eco-conscious and offering products that help reduce the amount of plastic you bring home.

Say No to Plastic Straws (Your Own Reusable Straw Instead)
Millions of plastic straws are thrown away around the world on daily basis. Plastic straws litter our oceans, pollute our environment, and cause harm to wildlife. So, instead of adding to the plastic straw pile, it is recommended that you switch to more sustainable alternatives, e.g. silicon, stainless steel, glass, etc. There are collapsible metal straws available on the market that feature silicon tip, cleaning brush, and carrying case. They are becoming very popular as they have everything you need to start cutting plastic straws out of your life. Some of the materials like glass may not be suitable for families with kids. In such cases, you should find recyclable or recycled cardboard straws.

Upgrade Your Beauty Routine with Organic and Eco-Friendly Skin and Hair Products
Hair care products such as conditioners and shampoos usually come in plastic bottles, which can be a nightmare for anyone looking to reduce their plastic waste. The good news is, there are several package-free haircare products available on the market. You can also use bar soaps for hair or take advantage of refillable conditioners that are typically packaged in aluminum and are chemical and vegan free. Similar to hair care products, there are also organic and eco-friendly skin care products available so be sure to choose those as well. For instance, you can start by swapping plastic shaving razors with reusable metal razors.

Look for Clothes Made from Recycled Materials
Fast fashion has caused the fashion industry to become one of the biggest waste producers and greenhouse gas emitters. Mass production has a severe impact on pollution, water consumption, and emissions. Moving towards recycled fashion brands and away from fast fashion is one way that we can help fight the detrimental impact the retail industry is having on our planet. There are many new, eco-friendly fabrics available on the market, e.g. humanely produced or organic variants of familiar natural materials like wool, linen, and cotton. They are eco-friendlier than their factory-framed and non-organic counterparts.

The awareness of the scale of our waste problem is rising quickly. Because of this, more and more consumers are now demanding eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products that use organic ingredients, hence pushing brands and manufacturers to develop more sustainable products. This means that going plastic-free no longer needs to be a compromise, and the practicality and convenience of the products we all know and love can be retained with just a few small adjustments.

Photos by: Sarah Chai, Nati Melnychuk, Sam Lion

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