EDC (Everyday Carry) for a Traveller

EDC (Everyday Carry) for a Traveller

Everyday Carry or EDC has become quite popular nowadays. After all, having what you need, when you need it is very important. There are a number of key items everyone takes with them when they leave home. EDC items are worth carrying every day – no matter what you are doing or where you are.

What Does EDC mean?
EDC refers to Everyday Carry items that are on you all the time or at least on most occasions. These items are of great assistance when it comes to dealing with everyday situations and/or preparing you to survive in case of emergencies. Common purposes of EDC include:
• Keeping “get home” or survival gear on your person all the time.
• Give you peace of mind.
• Protecting yourself from threats.
• Solving common problems that you face on regular basis.
• Making your life easier.
So, as a traveler, what should be in your Everyday Carry list? Well, it can be pretty much anything. Following are the top three EDC items:

Medical Kit
This can be as simple as a few band-aids, some antibiotic, and a couple of alcohol pads. Or it can be as evolved as a complete first aid kit, containing even a defibrillator. Before you include this item to your EDC list, it is recommended that you consider the other kits you are preparing and then carry what you think will come in handy. First aid items for EDC should include band-aids, antacids, antibiotic, alcohol, bandages, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Personal rescue medications are also a must.

A Multitool
A multitool has a wide variety of uses that you can include in your Everyday Carry. When it comes to choosing a multitool, you are spoiled for choices because there are dozens of such items available on the market, and you will find them to be a key part of your Everyday Carry. If possible, it is recommended that you also carry with you both a bush craft knife and a small hatchet when going to a survival type scenario.

A Classic Lighter and a Torch
A classic lighter or fire starter is one of the top EDC items. You can choose the size according to the size of the EDC kit you are creating. The important thing is, you should have at least one way to start a fire.

A tactical flashlight or a torch with a pocket clip is also a top EDC item. You will find it useful in all kinds of situations, e.g. in a blackout, self-defense, or even when working on small dark places in confined items, e.g. engines and cars which need to be illuminated.

In conclusion, these are the top three EDC items you should carry as a traveler. The best Everyday Carry kit is the one you have with you when you need it. To get the maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you keep items that are small and that serve multiple purposes and make sure they are capable of helping you solve the realistic, probable issues.

Photos by: Matthew Henry, Jonathan van den Broek, Roger Brown, Francesco Paggiaro

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