Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

Looking for some positivity in your life? Start from your home. Since it is where you spend most of your time in, Feng Shui will prove to be very beneficial as it will affect the way you live in. Some key Feng Shui tips will help you change your physical space to improve energy flow to harmonize your home and life. It will provide you a healthy body and state of mind.
If you are a beginner, then the following Feng Shui tips will help you get started.

Find the Purpose of Each Room
Each room in your home should have a distinct purpose. Your bedroom is for sleeping, your kitchen is for cooking, your living room is for eating ice cream, watching Netflix, etc. Once you know what purpose each room serves in your house, you can arrange its contents in a better way to contribute to that purpose.

Be Mindful of Your Wall Color
Wall color can have a significant effect on the energy of your room. Pastel, light colors are ideal for kitchen as they provide you with energy and health. More subdued, darker colors are suitable for bedroom since they promote restfulness. For bathroom, you can use any color that reminds you of water. If you don’t want to repaint your home, a crisp white can offer a neutral background for your belongings.

Find the “Commanding Position” of Each Room
A “commanding position” is the space in a room that seems the most central to its purpose. Take note of immovable design elements, windows, and doorways, and try to determine the part of the room which you will probably end up gravitating. That’s the commanding position. It should be the space around which most of your furniture revolves. It should also be the space where key elements are placed and where you feel most at home in the room.

Don’t Overcrowd
Overcrowding the flow of energy in a room with furniture is one of the biggest impediments of implementing Feng Shui. Your couches, tables, and chairs should be conductive to the space they occupy. Rather than stuffing everything you own into one room, use pieces that fit it. Don’t forget to eliminate clutter.

Balance the Five Elements of Feng Shui within Each Room
The five elements of Feng Shui are metal, wood, fire, earth, and water. The Feng Shui rule is that all of these elements should be balanced within each room. You can do that by either using colors that symbolize these elements or using decorative objects made of these materials, e.g. flower vase, pebbles, etc. Balancing the five elements within each room of your house ensures that you live a balanced life.

Let Life — and Light – In
Don’t forget to leave room for organic life. You can create a sense of organic peace in your room by carefully placing house plants in. It is also important to let the light in. By opening windows, you can make the space feel less separate from the outside, natural world. That’s one of the key tenants of Feng Shui – aiming to live harmoniously as a part of the universe, not separate from it.

Photos by: Joanna Kosinska, Daria Shevtsova, Ksenia Chernaya, Maksim Goncharenok,  Julie Aagaard 

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