Jewelry Styling Tips You Need to Know

Jewelry Styling Tips You Need to Know

Fashion and jewelry is a thriving industry. You have tons of options to get more fabulous trinkets and baubles. But as a responsible owner, it is critical to wear jewelry with proper etiquette. If you have no prior experience, don’t worry; the guidelines for jewelry styling are easy to follow. No matter the setting or occasion, you can follow them to stay elegant and classy. Following are the key jewelry styling tips you need to know.

Create Layers
Layering the different jewelry pieces wisely is the most important rule that you should keep in mind. You will find that mixing and matching jewelry is a lot of fun. However, it is highly recommended that you prioritize both elegance and balance since these can affect how others see you. If you plan to wear more than one necklace, then start by mixing short and long necklaces. Think about your neckline and make sure that the layers will flatter it. If you are wearing bracelets, be sure to pair your thin ones with chunky ones as this creates a sense of balance, keeping it elegant and beautiful.

Know When to Stop
If you are struggling to decide what to wear, don’t overcompensate by wearing too many pieces at the same time. For instance, layering a few necklaces is generally enough as it looks captivating. But if you are doing that, don’t go overboard by wearing a bracelet with them as well. Minimalism is the way to go when wearing jewelry. To achieve minimalism, you should experiment with how the different pieces of jewelry accent your wardrobe. Try on some of your favorite outfits and pay attention to which pieces complement which clothing. Overall, a well-placed ring, necklace, or earring ring has the potential to leave a better impact than a collection of multiple pieces all competing each other for attention.

Try to Mix Metals
When you are picking jewelry for events, make sure that the metal mixture is complementary. By mixing metals and balancing them, you will be able to achieve the modern stylish look many dream of. Pair platinum with white gold or diamonds but avoid yellow gold. On the other hand, if you have a gold necklace, make sure that the bracelet you wear is also gold. This is because if you choose some other metal, e.g. silver, it will ruin the entire aesthetic.

Break the Rules
Don’t be a slave to trends. Trends offer some guidance of what to wear but it’s never a good idea to blindly follow the fashion and all the rules at the expense of your own taste. If you do that, you will end up losing yourself. So, it is recommended that you always go with what makes you feel the most confident. If something makes your feel uneasy or uncomfortable, don’t wear it. If you feel good with the jewelry you wear, it will show.

These are some guidelines on how to style jewelry for any occasion. By following them, you will make sure that you are not overstepping the boundaries of fashion decency.

Photos by: lilartsy, Brooke Cagle, Abbs Johnson

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