Movies Based on a True Story

Movies Based on a True Story

Some of the most memorable Hollywood films are based on true stories that make them more amazing. It’s a rich experience to witness the real events, search and verify them online while you are watching, and see how the actors measure up against the real people. If this is your thing, then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of movies based on a true story that you probably haven’t already seen that are worth a watch.

A Beautiful Mind
The struggles of a man who develops paranoid schizophrenia and his unbelievable Economics achievements is the subject of this film. Although A Beautiful Mind is not a literal representation of the true story, it portrays the workings of John Nash’s beautiful mind perfectly.
The movie follows the story of Nobel Prize winner and the genius mathematician John Nash, who develops delusional episodes and paranoid schizophrenia while constantly seeing the same three people: his best friend Charles, Charles’ niece, and William Parcher who Nash believes is giving him codebreaking projects. The film showcases the difficulties and challenges that Nash had to face in order to do his pioneering work.

127 Hours
127 Hours is a film based on a true story. It stars James Franco as Aron Ralston, a sports enthusiast who goes hiking at Canyonlands National Park in Utah without informing anyone and eventually finding himself trapped when a boulder slips during his hike. Aron uses a handheld camera to film his experience of being trapped there. He goes through stages of boredom, terror, and deliriousness as he tries to free himself. Eventually, he resorts to cutting off his hand. 127 Hours is an amazing film that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and showcase the power of the human spirit, even in the worst situation.

Lion is another movie based on a true story that made waves at the Oscars in 2017. It tells the heartwarming story of Saroo, a young Indian boy who gets lost on a train that takes him far away from his homeland. After being lost, away from family, and left to fend on his own, he is adopted by an Australian couple. Over two decades later, he sets out to find his birth parents. The final scenes of Lion show Saroo’s real journey and emotions that will surely leave you in tears.

Black Swan
Black Swan is a dark psychological thriller which is an enchanting portrayal of a tortured, warped mind. It follows the true story of Nina Sayers who suffered from many issues due to the immense pressure she faced as a professional ballerina. The film showcases her struggle as she tries to create the façade that she is ‘okay’ but the pressure leads to emotional and physical self-harm. As the film follows her downfall, you start to understand how such striving for perfection can harm one’s mind.

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