Must-eat Dishes from Around the World

Must-eat Dishes from Around the World

A vital part of tourism is looking out for unique and memorable eating experiences anywhere in the world. After all, the key to understanding the history and culture of a place generally lies in its cuisine. When it comes to ranking, food can be very subjective because tastes differ from one person to another. That said, following are some of the best, must-eat dishes from around the world suggested by tourists and experts.

Croque Madame, France
Croque Madame is a comfort food classic. Served on a thick slice of homemade French country bread that has been generously toasted and buttered, the thickly-sliced ham is sandwiched between an herbaceous, creamy béchamel sauce and a layer of delicious melted swiss on top. Of course, it wouldn’t be a madame without the egg, which is perfectly fried and then added to the dish. With all these ingredients, the indulgence factor of Croque Madame is simply out of this world.

Tom Yum, Thailand
Practically the national dish of Thailand, Tom Yum is a type of hot and sour Thai soup that is prepared with shrimp along with a wide range of healthy spices and herbs, such as red chili peppers, galangal, kaffir leaves, lime, and lemongrass. This delicious soup plays around with a bit of all possible flavors, i.e. sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. To add to its flavor, Tom Yum is topped with coconut cream and milk. It is usually served with separate bowls, making it a perfect dish to share with others.

Goi Cuon, Vietnam
Refreshing, light, and wholesome, Goi Cuon is one of the top 50 dishes in the world according to CNN. It is a tasty appetizer that is traditionally prepared by wrapping boiled pork, rice vermicelli, vegetables, fresh herbs, shrimp, and other ingredients in rice paper. Goi Cuon is served cool, with a delicious sauce like fish sauce, hoisin sauce, or peanut sauce for dipping, making it an excellent snack to enjoy during the hot summer season of Vietnam.

Mansaf, Jordan
With roots in Bedouin culture, Mansaf has become Jordan’s national dish and a defining part of the country’s culture. It consists of seasoned lamb that is cooked slowly in a stew made of dried yogurt or jameed, served on Arabic bread and topped with lots of rice. Parsley, almonds, and pine nuts are commonly used to garnish the dish, which is often presented on and eaten from a large communal platter.

Quesadillas, Mexico
A favorite dish in Mexican cuisine, Quesadilla is a modest flour or corn tortilla that is filled and grilled. The dish is filled with cheese (not always) as well as other savory ingredients, e.g. vegetables, spices, and meat before it is grilled. Some common fillings include potato and chorizo, nopales, squash flowers, spinach, corn fungus, shredded spiced chicken, carne, and mushrooms.

Bunny Chow, South Africa
Durban might not be at the top of your South African bucket list, but because of its amazing food, it definitely deserves a visit. Bunny Chow is the crowning jewel of Durban’s culinary scene. Often simply called a “bunny” by locals, this dish originated with the Indian community in the city of Durban. It is made from a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with bean, beef, or chicken curry. It is generally eaten without any utensils and is usually accompanied by a side of salad made up of grated chili, onion, or carrots.
Whether you want to enjoy life via your taste buds or you are someone with a refined taste for food, the above-listed best dishes around the globe are worth crossing oceans for.

Photos by: Hermes Rivera, Jonathan Pielmayer, lovefood art, Lottie Griffiths, pinterest

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