Must-read Books for Nature Lovers

Must-read Books for Nature Lovers

Being a nature lover, you will naturally want to be outside as much as you can. But between time, weather, and other commitments, it might not be possible to make it outside as much as you would want to. Fortunately, there is an alternative way for you to escape into the nature without going outside: books.

The Life of Pi (Yann Martel)
Life of Pi is a great choice for nature lovers who are looking for an inspiring story. It is a story of Pi, a young boy living in India. His father, who is zoo owner, decides to immigrate to Canada. He, along with his family, boards a ship with the zoo animals. Unfortunately, the ship wrecks before it arrives at its destination, killing Pi’s family. Pi himself manages to survive by getting on a small lifeboat. On that lifeboat, he finds himself sharing the space with some zoo animals that were on the ship. The story then follows the long, challenging journey of Pi as he struggles to survive. While The Life of Pi is not a book about religion, it does tell a story about the importance of believing in something – be it Mother Nature, God, or your own strength.

A Walk in the Woods (Bill Bryson)
If you are a nature lover looking for a lighter take on a life changing journey, then this book is recommended for you. Acclaimed travel writer Bill Bryson tells the story of his once in a lifetime trip to complete the Appalachian with his somewhat uninterested friend. At 2200 miles along with United States East Coast over mountains, trails, and remote locations, A Walk in the Woods is everything but a simple walk. The account is heartwarming, shocking, endearing, and funny and takes in the testing nature of the trail, with many of the rather odd people Bill and his friend met along the way. A Walk in the Woods is a classic book for nature lovers that will surely secure a special place on your bookshelf once you have finished reading it.

A Language Older Than Words (Derrick Jensen)
In this book, Derrick Jensen talks about the need for communication between all species; plants, humans, and animals in addition to a renewed understanding of our dependence on the world and everything that it contains. The vast experience of Jensen as a beekeeper, teacher, student, high-jumper, environmentalist, and most importantly, as a human being give rise to the variety of anecdotes and examples that further demonstrate this cry for community. The amazing interweaving of all these elements elevates this book far above and beyond a captivating novel, giving the reader what could be safely described as a curative outlook on life.

There are books that entertain, books that enthrall, and books that inform. And then there are books that seem to speak directly to the soul. The above-listed must-read books for nature lovers fall into the second category. Each is a delight to read and a treasure to ponder.

Photo by Lucie Liz

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