Oils That Will Help Your Skin

Oils That Will Help Your Skin

Skin care is all about the details. While the temptation with regular skin care is to assume that a single product or treatment can do it all, different types of skin have unique skin care needs. However, there are some ingredients that are a must for virtually everyone. Skin care oils are a prime example of this. Not only do they smell incredible, but they also contain some serious skin-enhancing powers that you should tap into as part of your everyday skin care routine. Following are some of these botanical wonders that will help your skin.

Coconut Oil
This popular kitchen staple is not just great for cooking, it also has therapeutic and cleansing properties to boot. Available widely in drug and grocery stores, as well as online, coconut oil is a great skin moisturizer and it is very easy to apply. Not to mention it also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that make it effective against sunburn and acne symptoms, skin infections, psoriasis, and eczema. Last but not least, coconut oil also works great as a facial scrub, a makeup remover, and may help prevent signs of aging.

Almond Oil
Almond oil contains lots of reserves of beneficial skin nutrients such as enriching polyphenolic antioxidants, zinc, proteins, and fats with powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics. Almond oil is an excellent anti-aging solution. It can treat fine lines and wrinkles on the skin as well as banish dark circles under eyes, hence giving a youthful appearance to the face. The oil also has emollient properties, which means it has the potential to improve your skin tone and complexion.

Shea Butter
Shea butter comes from the shea tree seeds. The best shea butter is the one that is prepared without any added preservatives or chemicals. It is full of essential fatty acids and vitamins, making it ideal for collagen production and UV protection. Shea butter is solid and thick at room temperature. Since it contains 60% fat, it is especially good at penetrating the skin. Shea butter delivers anti-aging properties and moisture into your skin.

Jojoba Oil
Cherished by skin experts for its powerful ability to nourish the skin without leaving it oily or sticky, jojoba oil is generally featured in many skincare products. Not only is it great for supple, soft lips, but it is also a key ingredient for acne prevention. It is particularly great for dry skin, but its properties can also make it compatible with acne-prone, oily skin. The chemical structure of jojoba oil is very similar to the natural oils of our skin, hence making it easily absorbed. It contains Vitamin B, E, copper, and zinc.

Olive Oil
Olive oil contains important vitamins like A, D, E, and K that help keep the skin healthy. The oil is suitable for very dry skin. It is heavy and rich and may take longer to absorb. So, it is recommended that you only apply this at night time so that it can absorb while you sleep. Olive oil protects the skin after sun exposure. Because of its heavy nature, it is not recommended for individuals with acne-prone skin.
These are some of the recommended oils that will help your skin. You can use one or make a mix of several depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Photos by: Mareefe, Tijana Drndarski, Roberta Sorge, pinterest

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