The Best Countries for Adventure Travel

The Best Countries for Adventure Travel

Adventure tourism is about trips that include thrilling activities that stimulate all the senses and make the adrenaline rise. If you are a thrill seeker, don’t miss the following list of countries for adventure travel. All of them have three things in common: adventure, nature, and culture.

With its expansive coastlines, rugged outback, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating wildlife, Australia is essentially synonymous with adventure. You can enjoy camping with native people, wildlife watching, snorkeling, trekking, and 4WD driving here. Don’t forget to miss out on windsurfing, kitesurfing, and bodyboarding. The list of adventurous expeditions you can embark on here is virtually endless.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica offers stunning beaches, volcanoes, and tropical jungle. All these together gives this country a unique charm. When it comes to thrill and adventure in Costa Rica, you have lots of activities to choose from. Rafting with strong waves, exploring rivers in canoes, trekking in search of erupting volcanoes are some of the key activities that attract thrill seekers from around the world.

The land of fire and ice is a prime destination for adventure lovers. With its canyons, mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes, Iceland has it all. The country’s nature is remote, raw, and mostly unexplored. It’s the perfect place for hiking along fields that are covered in purple lupines and dotted with many waterfalls, cliffs, and peaks. Apart from this, there are also a huge number of hot springs. All of these factors make Iceland an adventurer’s and trekker’s paradise.

Peru is one of the South American countries that receive most of the tourists. It’s diverse ecosystems and landscapes provide different experiences and activities that are suitable for anyone looking for nature and adventure. The adventure here begins with a trek on the Sacred Valley and Inca Trail and continues with surfing off the coast and paragliding over Miraflores. Try sandboarding in Huacachina if you want dry land.

Many countries in Africa offer the safari experience but few offer an experience as wild as Botswana, where you can stay in campsites in national parks like Nxai Pan, Chobe, and Moremi completely unsupervised and unfenced. The country offers lots of opportunities for adventure. From the vast pans of Nxai and Makgadikgadi, Linyanti to Savute, Chobe Game Reserve to Okavango Delta, mokoro trips, and bush walks, there is so much to see and do while exploring Botswana.

Sri Lanka
When it comes to adventure and thrill, Sri Lanka might not be the first name that comes to mind. However, you may be surprised to learn that the country is fast becoming one of the most popular adventure destinations in the world. It offers many fun and exciting things to do to thrill seekers. Some of the adventurous activities you can participate in include surfing and camping on the exotic beaches, waterfall bathing, white water rafting, rock climbing, wildlife safaris, and more.
If you are planning an exciting break, you will surely love an adventure trip to countries as diverse as these.

Photos by: Artem Beliaikin, Adam Slade, Etienne Delorieux, Robert Bye, Errin Casano, Wynand Uys, Oliver Sjöström

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