The Best Crystals for Happiness and Positive Energy

The Best Crystals for Happiness and Positive Energy

Happiness, joy, and positive energy are things that everyone strives for in life. Unfortunately, everyday challenges, stresses, and worries can get in the way of achieving this contentment. So, sometimes, you just need a little cosmic help. In addition to things like meditation and yoga, you can use crystals for this purpose. Following are some crystals that are widely believed to help with achieving happiness and positive energy.

Turquoise is arguably one of the greatest stones for joy and happiness. It is believed to shield its owner from all kinds of despair, resentment, and negative energy. So, if you are looking for a way to boost positivity, then it would be a good idea to carry this gem with you. Apart from being one of the best crystals for happiness and positive energy, Turquoise also has an encouraging effect in social situations. It is so powerful that it often influences others around you as well.

Rose Quartz
When it comes to finding universal love and emotional healing, Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal that you need. And if you have been feeling out of tune with everything around you, picking this gem will realign your energy to prompt inward and outward love equally. In this way, it will heal your emotional wounds which can boost happiness and bring an aura of compassion and peace. Apart from this, this crystal can also give you positive energy and shake off negative emotions.

Onyx is similar to rose quartz in terms of achieving happiness and creating positive energy. However, instead of dispelling negative energy, it counters it by absorbing it. This crystal has an amazing power to change negative energy into fruitful, positive energy that can help you effectively deal with bad situations. Onyx also promotes reason and logic. You can use it to eliminate any negative thoughts or lingering ailments so you can make the most out of unhealthy situations.

The list of best crystals for happiness and positive energy wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of this amazing gem. Amethyst has a powerful calming energy that is ideal for soothing the mind. The crystal purifies the aura of negative energy and promotes stability and tranquility, hence making it a natural mood stabilizer and stress reliever. This all-purpose stone is available in various shades of lilac, violet, and vibrant purple.

When it comes to crystals that absorb negative energy, Fluorite is an excellent choice. This amazing crystal neutralizes negative energy and cultivates positive vibes. It is perfect for mood stabilization as it carries a stable, calm frequency that brings harmony and order to chaos and negative energies, clearing them from its owner’s environment. Green Fluorite is particularly well-known for promoting happiness and positive energy.

We can all do with a little more joy and happiness in our life. Crystals are packed with intense energies and have the ability to make you feel a variety of emotions – from positive to happy, and even confident. So, if you feel that your life is circled with profound disappointment and desolation, it is highly recommended that you try out the above-listed crystals.

Photos by: Karolina Grabowska, Hasan Almasi, Susanna Marsiglia, Mikhail Nilov, Carole Smile, castorly

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