The Most Dangerous Adventure Sports

The Most Dangerous Adventure Sports

There are sports that everyone recognizes and many around the globe enjoy, e.g. golf, tennis, soccer, etc. Then there are sports that are downright dangerous. Adrenaline is a huge part of what makes a sport so enjoyable, so it’s not surprising to know that some people travel around the world in search of activities and sports that offer the most thrill even if it may be dangerous. From wingsuit flying to volcano boarding, none of the sports listed below are recommended to those who are faint-hearted.

Wingsuit Flying
At one point or another, you may have imagined what it would be like to fly through the air. It is possible to discover this feeling with wingsuit flying. It is an extreme sport that combines hang gliding and diving where the individual wears a wingsuit, which is designed to increase the lift as you fall. As a result, you are able to fly for longer and with more control. There are many risks associated with this dangerous sport, but it is also the closest that you will come to soaring through the sky like a superhero.

Big Wave Surfing
Thrill seekers find big waves attractive when it comes to surfing. Big Wave Surfing is a lot different and difficult from regular surfing. Experienced and skilled surfers are towed onto waves that can be over twenty feet high. They try to escape before the wave ends. If they fail, it could be the last adventure ride of their life. Big waves ruthlessly test the adventurer’s surfing skills. It requires good flexibility, perfect balance, and exceptional surfing skills to beat big waves.

Cave Diving
Cave diving involves underwater diving in caves where there is a partial water content available. Major hazards of this adventure sport are caused by low visibility and lighting failure. Air loss is another peril. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, cave divers use varied range of equipment, depending on the circumstances. Some people dive without any equipment for the sake of insane levels of thrill.

Ice Climbing
Ice climbing takes outdoor rock climbing to a whole new dimension. In this adventure sport, participants try to climb ice structures, such as frozen waterfalls. The unsteady structures and the freezing weather make this a very dangerous adventure sport. For many, the reward of conquering some of the most vicious, icy structures that nature has to offer is worth the risk.

Volcano Boarding
Humans have ridden boards over dunes, waves, and down mountains. But the side of a volcano takes the intensity and heat up tenfold. This extreme sport is most popular in Cerro Negro, Nicaragua. It involves competitors traveling down 726 meters and reaching up to 50 mph speed. Safety equipment and gear is crucial for this sport to ensure that injuries are just bruises and scratches. That said, the threat of a volcanic eruption is always there.

Traveling is enough of an adventure for most people, but some thrill seekers thirst for a more heart-pounding experience than just easygoing sightseeing tours. The sports listed above are made for such individuals. Not for the faint-hearted, these adventure sports require dedication, years of practice, and nerves of steel. But they are all amazing in their own right.

Photos by: Guille Pozzi, Jonathan Francis, Jess Vide, Elianne Dipp, Johannes Andersson, Claire Brack

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