The Venices Around Europe

The Venices Around Europe

Venice is no doubt the most popular canal city in Europe. However, if you are planning to visit Venice, it is recommended that you consider alternative options. This is because this iconic city can get extremely congested as it attracts hordes of travelers. So, you might not get the magical experience that you are expecting from it. There are many other Venices around Europe that are just as beautiful. 

Piran, Slovenia
The gorgeous little medieval town of Piran is located on the coastline of Slovenia. This dotted jewel was once part of the Republic of Venice and it still offers an intense Venetian feeling. Vivid pastel and warm shades adorning its architecture, a bell tower that is similar to the one at Venice’s St. Mark’s Square, a stunning Adriatic waterfront, and narrow alleyways, the sleepy coastal town of Piran is basically the Venice of Slovenia.

Chioggia, Italy
Commonly known as “little Venice”, Chioggia is a city rich in art, history, and places of cultural interest. Furthermore, it is also a famous seaside summer destination and resort loved by the Venetians and beyond. Various stunning canals cut this small town into slices and connect it via bridges. This particular shape allows Chioggia to offer a very similar experience to Venice.

Koper, Slovenia
Koper is a Venetian style commercial port and old town all in one place. It is a busy port town with many shopping malls behind it, but once you visit its old center and the sea shore behind it, you will see its scenery change almost instantly. Many narrow cobble stone streets and medieval squares will allow you to discover the fascinating history of this walled town step by step.

Rovinj, Croatia
Rovinj is a deeply dramatic old town of Croatia’s Istrian cost that features bright, stunning Venetian-era architecture. It’s a lively town that today is both a popular visitor resort and a historic time-warp at the same time. The best views of Rovinj are no doubt offered from the water. There are lots of boat trips options, but nothing comes close to easing along on a sea kayak right on the water.

Muggia, Italy
Located on the Istrian peninsula across from Trieste, Muggia is the last town before the Slovenian border. It offers an attractive contrast with its magnificent historic city center with town gate and city walls. The architecture of Muggia is marked by its Austrian and Venetian history, and its harbor hosts a modern and spacious marina for yachts. The old castle towering above the town offers a majestic view over the Gulf of Trieste.

As you can see, Europe is home to a number of Venices. All of the above-listed destinations offer the same must-see culture and romantic allure as Venice.

Photos by: Dimitry Anikin, Riccardo Chiarini, Malcolm Ketteridge, Filippo Orvieto

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