Have a Great Time with Friends without Spending Money

Have a Great Time with Friends without Spending Money

While alone time is important for inspiration and creativity, spending some quality time with friends is equally important and has many benefits. When it comes to happiness, spending time with friends makes a huge difference. The good news is, you don’t have to spend money in order to have a great time. There’s no need to ditch everyone or go out drinking with your friends just because you don’t have money. There are plenty of ways to have a great time with friends without spending money. 

Movie Marathon
Everyone loves a high-quality movie night. Organizing a movie marathon with friends is a great way to have a quality time together without spending money. If one of you have a projector, use it. If you don’t have one, simply connect your TV to your laptop and you are good to go. You and your friends can choose the movies that you all find interesting or you can also binge-watch your favorite show.

Board Games
Host a board game night with your friends. It is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with your friends. Pick up some snacks and ask your friends to bring some drinks and you have got yourself a fulfilled night of laughs and friendly competition. Some of the recommended board games include Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and Small World. With the right games, it will surely become your favorite thing to do with friends.

Video Games Tournament
If you are not into board games, you can always host a video game tournament at your place. If you and your friends like video games, then there’s no better way to have a great time together without spending money. So, set up some rounds of healthy competition. There are tons of games suitable for a friendly competition. Whether its “Battlefield”, “Call of Duty”, or the latest dancing game, play against each other and award prizes (or drinks) to the winners.

Cooking Together
We all like to have a great dinner at a fancy restaurant, but you will admit that it is not cheap and sometimes it can even be a waste of money. So, if you are looking to have a great time with friends and don’t want to spend money, you can simply invite them to your house and cook together. You can make it a theme dinner or make something extraordinary. You and your friends will have a hell of a feast. Not to mention you will all have a blast cooking the food.

Get Out with Bikes
This is another recommended activity that doesn’t require you to spend money. It has many benefits. It is healthy and you can explore the outdoors with your friends. You can even make it a weekly or monthly routine. Simply set a goal, for instance, you have to ride for 30-50 km and/or visit the places that you have always wanted in your area.
These are just some of the ways to have a great time with friends without spending money. There are many other things you can do together without worrying about money, e.g. going to a park, volunteering together, dumpster diving, camping, and more.

Photos by: Duy Pham, pixabey, cottonbro, Edgar Castrejon, Coen Van De Broek

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